​I wonder if he admitted to this BEFORE the Bears hired him. 

The Kansas City Chiefs lost one of the ​most heartbreaking playoff games in recent NFL memory, as the team absolutely frittered away an 18-point lead at the half and choked the game away in the final minutes. 

Kareem Hunt toted the rock...basically never over the course of failure upon failure.

The players made mistakes, but one of the biggest issues in the second half of the team was the obviously poor play calling, as the team avoided the run game for no reason whatsover. Now we at least have ​someone to blame for it

​​Seat warm yet, Tarik Cohen?!

During his first appearance as the Bears new head coach, former Chiefs offensive coordinator Matt Nagy revealed that he called every play in the second half of the Titans game. 

Needless to say, that's a huge problem. Nagy completely abandoned a running attack that was working throughout the first half, and continued a trend of a eliminating Hunt, which began in earnest midseason.

On the bright side, Nagy fully admits to what he did wrong, and said it will act as a lesson for him in the future. 

Still, that's not something you want to hear during your new coach's first public appearance.