At this rate, LaVar is going to disown LiAngelo​ and trim down to two sons in the family. 

The middle Ball child has undoubtedly been the problem child of the family recently. After staying quiet in high school and during his recruitment, ​he was arrested in China during his freshmen year, which sparked LaVar to ​pull him out of school

Now, LiAngelo and LaMelo are balling out in Lithuania. Well, maybe not balling out exactly...

​​LiAngelo come on bruh, you can't be missing layups like that where even I could make the shot. 

Though not all their fault, the Ball brothers will always be under a microscope because of their father's comments and unique options for his kid's future. Unfortunately, that means added scrutiny when they make mistakes like this. 

Hopefully all that training in Lithuania will up his game and get him back on track for his journey to the NBA. But first, maybe hit up that layup line.