3 Free Agents Who Are Better Options Than Lorenzo Cain

Much like the rest of his outfield counterparts, the market for free agent Lorenzo Cain is at a stalemate. Teams haven't jumped all over him yet for two reasons: his age and style of play.

First, Cain will be 32 in April, so that's on the mind of GMs. Second, big outfield contracts usually go to guys with power at the plate, but Cain is contact hitter who shows his value with elite speed and defense. While he may age gracefully, there are other outfield options that teams can turn to if they want to get a better return on their money. With that in mind, let's identify our top three.

3. Eduardo Núñez

I know, Eduardo Núñez is primarily an infielder, but if a team is keen on signing Lorenzo Cain, then they want someone who can mimic his skillset. Núñez has experience playing the outfield and has the arm to throw guys out. He's like a poor man's Ben Zobrist. 

Núñez has speed, an arm, and a bat that could help any team win, and would be a cheaper option than Lorenzo Cain. Just for kicks, he's a year younger. 

2. Jay Bruce

The 30-year-old slugger swatted 36 home runs in 2017 between the Mets and the Indians. Adding a little extra pop never hurt anyone. 

Bruce generated a 2.9 WAR last season, his best mark since 2013. The man is unfiltered, raw power at the plate. He finished the season with an OPS+ of 115 and a slugging percentage of .508. 

1. J.D. Martinez

Arguably the most sought-after free agent on the board, J.D. Martinez hit above .300 at the plate while swatting 45 homers and 100 RBI. The only reason he has not been picked up by a team like the Red Sox is that he wants to play the field, while there are many AL teams with a packed outfield that would prefer him at DH.

If there is a team -- and there are more than a few -- that need help in the outfield and batter's box, then J.D. is their man. The only problem is his agent, Scott Boras.