​The time is now for LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers. The team has made three consecutive trips to the Finals, winning once and losing twice. They are always the clear favorites to win the East, but the Golden State Warriors are still the better team.

The Cavaliers have to figure out how to beat the star-studded Warriors, and DeAndre Jordan could be a possible solution. Cleveland is reportedly interested in Clippers' big man, but they must pay a high price. 

The Clippers want the Cavaliers to include Brooklyn's 2018 first-round pick for Jordan, which is perhaps a reasonable asking price, which Cleveland should highly consider as well.

Jordan would be the perfect fit for the Cavs. They need a big man that can patrol the paint and grab rebounds at a high level, and the 29-year-old center provides those exact needs. The addition of Jordan would make the Cavaliers more competitive and would increase their chances of beating the Warriors.

Why should the Cavaliers forfeit Brooklyn's valuable pick?

The answer is simple. They need to convince LeBron James to stay put. Adding Jordan would help the Cavaliers put up more of a fight in the Finals, maybe even helping them win a ring. Although Brooklyn's pick would be valuable for future growth, the Cavaliers don't have time for that. They need answers now, and they must entice James before he becomes an unrestricted free agent in the summer. 

Also, there is not much hype and depth for the upcoming draft. Therefore, if the Cavaliers keep the pick, there is no guarantee that they would be able to draft a future star. Additionally, the Brooklyn Nets are playing better basketball this season, winning more games than most people expected. 

At this rate, the Cavaliers are going to end up with a low lottery pick, selecting a player that may not be ideal. 

For these simple, logical reasons, the Cavaliers are better off dealing the pick for proven talent, one that would make an immediate impact. 

The time is now or never for the Cavaliers. If they don't please James, he will leave the organization again, and they will be left with nothing but a lottery pick that may take years to develop into a star. Then it will be back to mediocrity for many years to come.