One would think professional athletes would learn by now, but then again, we must remember we're dealing with ever so unpredictable​, flawed, irresponsible and selfish human beings.

These guys are in the spotlight constantly, yet they think they can get away with some ridiculous and heinous actions.

Remember when Richie Incognito was with the Miami Dolphins and was the center of negative attention when he was accused of bullying his fellow offensive lineman (at times, with the use of racial slurs) and holding meetings with them at the strip club?

Yup, well it seems much hasn't changed since he joined the Bills.

Incognito is indeed No. 64.

Well, Richie, we know the loss probably hurt, but pulling a classless stunt like that will surely make it sting even more, especially after you're exposed for doing it.

The sad part is, it's doubtful people are surprised by this. Incognito's reputation in the league has never been good, and now he'll have to face his teammates, most of whom are black.

Good luck, buddy.