​The Jaguars may be owned by the most entertaining family in all of football. 

Jacksonville's owner Shahid Khan is one of the most beloved owners in the league, as players love the way he cares for the team and the community. He's also one of the oddest, making the amazing decision to have a pool installed to his team's stadium, because why the hell not?

Well, now we know that his son, who owns the team along with him, is just as charmingly strange. At least that's the indication based on the hilariously weird reaction he had to ​Blake Bortles' third quarter score.

​​That is some straight hump and pump action right there. 

Clearly Tony Khan, who also serves as the team's VP of Football Analytics/Technology is pumped about the Jags lead, and he has every right to be! It's not so often you get to see the team you own host a playoff game and take the lead. 

Keep living your best life, Tony.