There are some teams heading into the offseason that are in dire need of a quarterback. There are teams that now need a head coach after showing their man the door as the season ended. Then, there are those teams that need both. 

For the few teams that find themselves in the third category, Pat Shurmur has emerged as one of the most attractive candidates around. Not only has he turned the Vikings offense into one of the better units in football, but also because he comes with a package deal. 

If Shurmur leaves Minnesota to become the head coach of a team desperate for a new signal caller, Case Keenum could follow him. 

​​Is it just me, or is this the exact ending of "Any Given Sunday" where Al Pacino becomes the head coach of a new team and takes Willie Beaman with him? 

Shurmur is expected to be high on the wish list of many, with only a few teams actually in need of both a QB and a coach. Arizona and possibly the Giants come to mind, depending on what they decide to do with Eli Manning. The Vikings' offensive coordinator has already interviewed with both but has also paid visits to teams with QBs in place like the Lions and the Bears. 

If he does head to a team with an opening, it would make sense for Keenum to follow. We've already seen the Vikings are hesitant to go all-in on the veteran quarterback as they debated starting Teddy Bridgewater when he returned from injury. With Bridgewater, Keenum, and Sam Bradford all hitting free agency, the Vikings have a lot on their plate. Keenum could make their life easier by following Shurmur and removing himself from the process. 

Keenum and Shurmur have the biggest game of their lives coming up next week, but if things bounce a certain way, they could find themselves in this same position next year for a different franchise.