​Just when the long-suffering Kansas City Chiefs fans thought they'd be able to open up a bottle of 1989 scotch, Alex Smith, Andy Reid and Co. let them down once again. 

This time, the Chiefs suffered a stunning defeat to the Titans, after they were up at one point 21-3. 

Yup, it definitely sucks to be in Kansas City right now, unless you're a Titans fan of course. For those of you at home needing some extra laughs at KC's expense, don't worry: Twitter has you covered. 

​​They say it's not how you start, but how you finish, right? Well, the Chiefs obviously didn't get the memo. 

Well that's incredibly inappropriate, but also spot on. Henry was an absolute savage tonight and the Chiefs had NO answer for him. 

One-man show in Cleveland? Sign Mariota up ASAP. People are talking about Alex Smith going to Cleveland, but Mariota might be the prayer fans have been waiting for. 

Wow, Jon Gruden hasn't even officially been named the new coach of the Raiders and he's already taking shots at the Chiefs. 

He's also got more receiving touchdowns than Blake Bortles. Why did CBS decide to leave that fact out?

Is McDonough a grown man or an 11-year-old boy going through puberty? How many times did his voice crack here?!

Take that Gisele!

Oh my, Brandon Marshall (of the Broncos) with the major troll job here on the Chiefs. He makes a good point, though. Rough year for the division. 

Peters had every right to do this! Once again, Andy Reid blew it for the Chiefs. 

Fact. This guy sounded awful late in the game and could barely keep it together. Need a reminder? Gruden has you covered. 

Now that's a burn.

Sorry Chiefs fans. This was the nightmare finish to a once promising season. Better luck next year (don't hold your breath). ​​