5 Takeaways From the Titans Epic Comeback Win Over the Chiefs

What a heartbreaking loss for the Chiefs. After holding an 18-point lead at halftime, the Chiefs completely fell apart, being outscored 19-0 in the second half as the Titans stole a victory to move on to the Divisional Round. Tennessee survives, and this is everything you need to know. 

5. Derrick Henry is the Titans RB of the Future

Sorry DeMarco Murray, your time as the Titans premier rusher is over. Derrick Henry dominated throughout this game for the Titans, and has earned himself the official role as this team's top running back. We'll see if Murray even hangs around in 2018. 

4. Alex Smith Played His Heart Out

You cannot blame this game on Alex Smith at the slightest. The veteran QB played his heart out from the initial snap to the final whistle, and did everything he could to keep his team in this throughout the game. He'll make another team very happy next year. 

3. Matt Nagy Coached His Last Game in KC

Nagy is a prime candidate for many teams looking for a new head coach, and the chances that he stays in KC are slim to none. However, after the collapse he just orchestrated with his play-calling, the Chiefs may have been getting rid of him anyway. Or the fans may have driven him out themselves. 

2. Mike Mularkey's Job is Safe For Now

Reports surfaced earlier today that Mike Mularkey's job in Tennessee was on the line with this game, and an incredible comeback win guarantees him at least one more season with the Titans. The question now becomes, will they get him some new assistants?

1. The Chiefs Coaching Cost Them a Win

Andy Reid and Co. completely cost their team this game. Mostly, the fault needs to fall on OC Matt Nagy. Kareem Hunt had nearly four yards per carry in this competition, but he only had 11 CARRIES FOR 42 DAMN YARDS. You simply cannot win games when you go away from your run attack like that, and the Chiefs once again learned that lesson the hard way.