The Ball show is just getting started and it's not off to a hot start. LaMelo and LiAngelo officially arrived in Lithuania and ​had what was an interesting press conference yesterday to kick things off.

As it turns out, not much to our surprise, the reality show that comes with the Ball family is a problem, literally.

According to ESPN's Jeff Goodman, neither of the brothers were able to travel with Vytautas to their away game today because the opposing team did not initially allow the TV show cameras associated with the Ball reality show. 

This is the most Ball thing EVER. 

This family is literally a walking reality show. Whether it's been LaVar's outspokenness, to LiAngelo's shoplifting, or to pulling LaMelo out of high school, you can never guess what's next and that's what people love. We can't get enough of the Ball family and that's exactly why they're so successful. 

But judging by how Vytautas played today, it looks like LaMelo and LiAngelo will be helping out right away.

Yes, you read that right, they lost by 57 points. They're like the Lithuanian version of the Los Angeles Lakers, so it makes sense the Ball name is associated. 

Considering LaVar has come out and said that LiAngelo and LaMelo will be joining Lonzo on the Lakers by 2020, they've got their work cut out for them. We'll see just exactly how this circus plays out.