It's no secret that Jerami Grant has ups.

Tonight, he put them to the best use I've seen from him in a while when he blocked Jawun Evans' shot.

It wasn't the fact that he blocked the shot, though, that made it special. Check it out for yourself:

Anything to punish the referees. After the atrocious performances by officials on Christmas Day during the Cavs-Warriors game, as well as missing Giannis step out of bounds, one of them needed to take a ball to the face.

Maybe Jerami can start a beef with the refs in the same way that Robin Lopez does with mascots, except without the irony.

It's not just me that hates the refs - the rest of the world does too!




Yeah. Let's hope that we can get some new refs in there that actually know how to call a game. Hell, I miss Joey Crawford, and that dude cared more about putting the attention on himself than reffing games.

​​Gotta love him though.

Thank you to Jerami Grant for doing what all NBA fans wish they could - punish the officials.