​Finally, some good news. 

But oh, boy, what a true exhale it is.

Steelers linebacker ​Ryan Shazier, who suffered a severe spinal injury December 4 against the Bengals, has regained feeling in his legs, according to WPXI.

Wow. Goosebumps. Forgive us if we didn't think we'd get this update anytime soon.

Vernon, Ryan's father, revealed to a local anchor that his son is making good progress on his recovery, and the two have been strengthening their relationship with God while in the healing process. 

​Ryan spent several nights in a Cincinnati hospital before being transferred to a Pittsburgh hospital to undergo spinal stabilization surgery. 

Not much more was revealed in this exclusive spot, as the family is keeping Ryan's progress a secret until he's ready himself to share the news. 

Vernon's a strong believer in his son, and believes that not only is he on the right path to recovery, but he sees Ryan back on the football field once he's back to 100 percent. 

If that's the case, our minds will truly be blown. Prayers continue to be up to this incredible athlete and person.

A week later, the story continued: The Steelers retweeted an inspirational shot of Shazier smiling at his first practice since the injury, alongside a moving note.

​​Stay tuned for updates on on Ryan's journey and recovery.