The Washington Redskins have had a disappointing season on all accounts, likely losing ​Kirk Cousins and a semblance of a core in the months to come. And, like always, controversy continues to dog the once proud franchise that just will not change its name.

Naturally, the offseason begins with ​a melee, as the daughter of former Skins owner Jack Kent Cooke (named Jacqueline, of course) was arrested this week after engaging in a New York City brawl, with the aid of her significant other.

​​According to sources, the fight escalated significantly when Cooke said, "Hurry up, Jew" to a 52-year-old man and his mother waiting ahead of them in a coat check line art a restaurant.

Cooke's boyfriend chimed in of his own accord, telling small children present derisively to "enjoy their Bar Mitzvahs."

The family then confronted Cooke and her boyfriend, the report claims, and the aftermath of the incident spilled outside.

In the video above, the altercation became physical, with both Cooke and her boyfriend clearly instigating the physicality.

Cooke was arrested on one count of assault and the Redskins’ PR machine now has to spin back up in full force. A truly tough look for a family that resides among the privileged few.