​Former University of Arizona football coach ​Rich Rodriguez was fired this week amid reports from a former assistant of a hostile work environment and sexual harassment. 

Rodriguez has denied all accusations of sexual misconduct within the office space, and his accuser was unwilling to turn over communications that provided support for the allegations. The only thing Rich Rodriguez ​has admitted to was having an extramarital affair. 

Now, the owner of the Arizona Diamondbacks came to the defense of the ousted head coach.

D-Backs boss Ken Kendrick has been a close friend of Rodriguez's for at least 15 years, as both have ties to West Virginia University, the school where the coach first made a name for himself as an offensive innovator.

The accuser is Rodriguez's former administrative assistant, Melissa Wilhelmsen, who claims that the coach wouldn't let her leave her job in 2016. Kendrick, although biased, defended Rodriguez. He was quick to point out that the coach tried to keep Wilhelmsen and her husband, Jason, in Arizona by getting the latter a job with the Diamondbacks organization.

Kendrick said Rodriguez clearly was looking out for the best interest of his assistant when he tried to help Jason Wilhelmsen get a security job with the team.

This may not refute any claims the accuser has made, but it certainly makes her accusations, as well as the situation as a whole, all the more