Just minutes after No. 1 quarterback prospect Josh Rosen declared his entry into the 2018 NFL Draft, his crosstown rival has officially done the same.

USC Trojans quarterback Sam Darnold will be forgoing his final two years of eligibility to go pro.

Curiously, he took to Instagram to make his announcement with a classy video, but the post has since been deleted. Luckily, we have the footage courtesy of his school:

​​Darnold, just a redshirt sophomore, exits Southern Cal with 7,229 passing yards, 56 touchdowns, and a gaudy 153.7 mark in passing efficiency.

While UCLA's Rosen is widely regarded as the best overall QB prospect in this draft class, there's every reason to believe that Darnold will be selected in the top ten. With teams like the Broncos, Giants, Colts, and ​Jets all facing uncertain futures at the quarterback position, Darnold could be the perfect medicine for an ailing team looking for a new start.

​And not for nothing, Darnold never named any teams ​that he specifically didn't want to play for.

Does he have all of Rosen's measurables? ​Maybe, maybe not. But it sounds like his head is screwed on right.