​Call it a movement!

Fans of the Doosan Bears, a team in the prestigious Korean ​Baseball League, are demanding the return of star pitcher and former ​Texas Ranger, Dustin Nippert. 

When you want a protest to be heard, where do you go? Well, right to the office of course!

Bears fans have been gathering outside the front offices every Wednesday and Saturday since December 20 to protest the apparent exit of their star pitcher from the current roster. 

​​After having played seven years with the Bears, the team decided against renewing his contract. 

He is aging, of course, already 36 years old, but Nippert is considered one of the best pitchers to ever play in the KBO. In 185 appearances, Nippert collected 94 wins against 43 losses, while posting an ERA of 3.43. Instead of retaining Nippert for another go 'round, the team decided to nab another American, signing right-handed pitcher Josh Lindblom to a $1.45 million deal. 

Fans were not too sure why. 

​​The Bears online community of 22,000 has had a lot to say about the matter. Hundreds of fans have showed up since the protests started, and even some active Bears players have cheered them on in support of Nippert's return. 

Unfortunately, baseball is a business, players are assets, and assets depreciate. We hope you get some satisfaction here, Doosan.