​Rich Rodriguez has been fired from his position as head coach of the Arizona Wildcats, but his troubles are just beginning.

Rich Rod is facing sexual harassment allegations, and the details don't paint the former Arizona coach in a positive light. 

The Arizona Daily Star reveals troubling details, such as the 'hideaway book' and the 'Triangle of Secrecy', which could be the downfall in a potential workplace misconduct case against Rodriguez.

The report is as follows: "The notice of claim alleges, among other things, that Rodriguez and his closest aides followed a "hideaway book" that detailed such sayings as 'Title IX doesn't exist in our office.' Those who had the most interaction with Rodriguez — the former employee and two assistant coaches — referred to themselves as the 'Triangle of Secrecy,' according to the claim. The three were charged with lying to Rodriguez's wife to cover up an extramarital affair, according to the claim, and were ordered to protect the coach's reputation above all else."

Rodriguez has been fired without cause, meaning he's still owed the remainder of his contract/a buyout. Of course, that could all change if he's found guilty in a civil case, and Arizona is likely waiting until a settlement or verdict is reached to push the envelope.