Well, that was unexpected.

The NFL sure is unpredictable, and despite the pressing rumors that Marvin Lewis could be out as the Bengals head coach, it looks like he survived at least another year in Cincinnati.

In 15 years as the team's head man, the Bengals have not won a single playoff game. A career record of 125-112-3, the team has been missing from postseason action since 2015. 

There was a rush for ​GM Mike Brown to get a decision done as soon as possible, which is baffling considering the number of coaching candidates in the pool, but when asked about how the meetings were playing out, Lewis responded in a statement:

“My job is to win a World Championship. We have a talented roster full of veteran leaders and emerging young stars and I am committed to making the necessary improvements to put this team in the best position to win."

The details and numbers on his contract are not official yet, but what is known is that he will be sticking around until at least 2019 (unless he's fired before that). 

With Lewis safe for now, the team will have to decide how to rebuild the staff around him in what truly feels like a head-scratching decision for those outside the Bengals' front-office circle.