After one of the most thrilling World Series battles in history, baseball fans find themselves sitting and waiting three months later for just about anybody to sign their name on the dotted line. 

​J.D. Martinez, one of the most talked about free agents on the market this offseason, has been connected to the ​Red Sox, and apparently they have also made an offer. 

The offer is reportedly a five-year deal, but neither side has actually signed it yet. 

Martinez insists on playing the field but the Red Sox want a DH. If Martinez were to sign with the Red Sox he would be adding a good bat to their order, but there would be questions regarding his time in the outfield. 

​​This is a step in the right direction this offseason as the only big name deals to get done have been ​Giancarlo Stanton to the Yankees and Evan Longoria to the Giants. Those were both trades though. 

Fans have been waiting on Martinez to find a new home for a couple of months, and now that the Red Sox have offered him a deal, we may see him find a home in Boston in the coming weeks.