​Javier Baez and New York is a match made in heaven, as far as I am concerned. The 25-year old is an electric infielder known for his flashy plays. He can also swing it. 

It is no secret that Yankees GM Brian Cashman has to figure something out for the team's vacancies at second and third base. Hopefully, he will have a plan before the start of April, or even better, before Spring Training.

He has the opportunity to do that now. 

Cashman can offer up Dellin Betances, an outfielder, and a younger arm. The ​Yankees' bullpen has the depth, and their starting rotation is not half-bad when Masahiro Tanaka, Luis Severino, and CC Sabathia are performing. In return, they could nab an exciting infielder:

With the departure of ​Wade Davis, Betances would be able to fill a crucial role in the bullpen for the cubs. They also would benefit from another glove to take over for Kyle Schwarber, who is nothing short of horrendous in the outfield. 

​​Baez will surely be an All-Star-caliber second baseman in the near future, and when that happens, his value will skyrocket. He batted .273, hit 25 homers, and had 75 RBIs last season. His power numbers have gotten better each year.

Baez played a little bit of shortstop last year in addition to second base and he played it well. The Yankees need somebody who can move around the infield that has already seen time in the majors.

Javy is their guy, and Cashman needs to make the move.