Against all odds, the ​Texas Rangers are somehow officially building a ​new ballpark, despite currently residing in a...fairly young ballpark (opened in 1994). This one is poised to open in 2020, and though we don't necessarily know if the yard is necessary, we're still intrigued.

There were talks of Dallas trying to get the Rangers to move across the border by luring them with a downtown ballpark. Arlington, however, was able to lock them up for another 36 years with this new ballpark. 

The stadium will not come cheap (because nothing does); it will cost about $1.1 billion. This cost comes a little higher than the $191 million to build the original Global Life Park back in the '90s. One reason for this is...the beautiful retractable roof that will be added to the new ballpark!

How will this stadium be payed for? Hooray for tax hikes! The city will issue $500 million in bonds to help assist the funding. In addition, there will be a two percent hotel occupancy tax and a five percent car rental tax tacked on. These will help pay off the bonds over the next 30 years. 

Another positive for Dallas-area sports fans, however, is that the stadium will be in closer proximity to AT&T Stadium, promoting more of a community feel between the locals. The stadium is expected to open in 2020, prior to the end of the original Global Life's lease in 2024. Rangers owner, Ray Davis, said that the team will move to its new home no later than 2021. 

The stadium will have a classic look, which is nice, but it will hold about six thousand fewer fans (not so nice). However, it will be connected to the Texas Live! project to help improve the overall fan experience. 

This all sounds great, but there is always a down side. 

No public transportation to the stadium has been confirmed, and Arlington Mayor Jeff Williams was vague in his response when pressed on it. I'm sure fans will love that.