​We witnessed an instant classic with the 2018 Rose Bowl going to overtime for the first time in the 104-year history of the event. Baker Mayfield, Rodney Anderson, Jake Fromm, Sony Michel and Nick Chubb put on a show for college football fans, who were at the edge of their seats until the final moment.

In the end, it was Georgia who took home the victory after they blocked a short field goal in double overtime and then scored a touchdown on the ensuing drive. Sony Michel delivered the nail in the coffin with a huge rushing score out of the Wildcat formation to send the Sooners packing after they blew a 17-point lead.

The Bulldogs are in the National Championship game, and Twitter is letting Oklahoma hear all about it.

But first, can we please have another Rose Bowl?

The game was everything college football fans could have hoped for, and more.

While it looked like Oklahoma had punched their ticket to the National Championship early on, Georgia stormed back to stun the Sooners, who will now be watching from home with the Heisman Trophy winner.

No, they are not.

Don't forget we have some dad jokes about this too!!


And now, for the Baker Mayfield savagery. We present you, speechless Baker:

And now, Crying Jordan Baker!

Don't forget about the mascot!

As for Mayfield's controversial on-field gestures, it looks like he'll have to wait until he's drafted to pull those antics again.

Sorry buddy. Now you'll have some NFL fines coming your way.

But don't worry, you won't get fined for this!

In the end, it was Georgia's D that gave Mayfield a swift kick to the midsection:

And here's the play, with the appropriate Titanic music, that did the Sooners in:

After that, Mayfield will have himself a new sign to walk out of California with. The doubters will be happy to see this one:

I'm sure they'll be a nice hustle award trophy to go along with that.