​The Green Bay Packers recently made two big signings to keep a couple of their key players from hitting free agency after this season.

General manager Ted Thomspon was the architect behind the deals that will keep Davante Adams and Corey Linsley in Green Bay for the foreseeable future, but unfortunately for Thompson, he'll no longer be conducting such work.

The longtime Packers executive is out as the team's general manager.

​​WOAH! Who saw that one coming?

Sure, it was a difficult season for the Pack, who missed the playoffs for the first time in quite a while, but you can hardly place the blame on Thomspon, considering Aaron Rodgers was out for most of the year.

Regardless, Thomspon has received a ton of criticism from Packers fans regarding his personnel moves, so it's likely this change is signaling a new era of Packers football.

Thompson had his own distinct way of doing things as general manager, but the Packers clearly want to try someone new at the front office role. Stay tuned for updates, Packers fans.