​Tom Brady has plenty of haters in the world, but this is on a whole other level.

The Pats clinched home-field advantage throughout the AFC Playoffs with a win over the Jets on Sunday. It was a frigid day in Foxboro, and as he always does, Tom Brady wore a wetsuit under his uniform to keep warm.

Most of us didn't blink and eye at this, but the Huffington Post's Barbara Bruno apparently felt the need to point it out. Over and over again.


Bruno sites an NFL rule which states that players can't wear anything under their uniform that isn't approved by the league itself. While technically true, there's a loose interpretation of this rule, and players frequently wear clothing under their uniforms, especially on cold days. This is nothing new.

We're far from Boston homers, and even we think this makes no justifiable sense. Sorry, Barbara Bruno.

Patriots fans very quickly poked holes in her story.

Check mate.