​In what's likely just a twitter glitch, Kirk Cousins is starting the new year fresh.

Cousins, whose future with the Redskins is currently up in the air, erased any and all references to the Washington football club on his twitter page.

Is this just circumstance? Possibly, but it really doesn't look great, all things considered. Timing is everything.

Previously, Cousins twitter bio mentioned that he was QB for the Redskins. As you can see, that's no longer the case.

And he's technically not wrong, as the star QB is currently in need of a contract. Cousins may very well receive the franchise tag again this offseason, but that'll just further prove how bad the Redskins really botched this whole thing. Based on the deal Matt Stafford received this past offseason, Dan Snyder is going to have to pay up or lost his franchise quarterback.

This could have all been avoided, however, if the Skins had just accepted the terms Cousins put in front of them last offseason. Instead, they'll be forced to pay up yet again.