​Just because someone's on television doesn't mean he won't clap back on you.

Though it's generally a long shot for a highly-visible TV personality to even give the peanut gallery the time of the day, sometimes it happens. 

And the twitter trolls often leave the altercation wondering why they even picked the fight in the first place.

The situation here between an unsuspecting fan and ESPN college football analyst Kirk Herbstreit appears to be just another example of why you don't pick fights with the big dogs-- they come with a nasty bite:

It wasn't much, but after that comment ​​Herbstreit said all bets are off. He unleashed on Twitter user @RZRhog501.

Well, then! That's probably the last Herbstreit will hear of this. ​He has much more important matters to divert his attention to anyway.

The biggest bowl games are right around the corner, and the college football world is going to be in a frenzy.

We need your insight directed there, Kirk. Leave breaking down the Twitter trolls to the rest of us for now.