​These band kids are evolving.

USC quarterback Sam Darnold had an all around ​rough time during the Cotton Bowl Friday night. Ohio State dominated the game from start to finish (24-7), and held Darnold to just a 57 percent completion percentage with no touchdowns and one interception.

Additionally, the future first-round pick got absolutely trolled by a member of the Buckeye's band.

Call it a troll, or a hex, or anything else for that matter. What is for certain though, it's one point for the Ohio State Band, and 0 points for Sam Darnold.

It's been a running joke for much of the college football season that none of the top quarterbacks in the class want to be ​drafted by the Cleveland Browns.

However, as one twitter user astutely observed, Darnold looked every bit a Brown's type of quarterback last night.

With that being said, Darnold had a strong season this year, and just ran into an Ohio State team on a different level.

Still, it's never a great look to get roasted by a member of the opposing team's band.