​The Yankees have been making noise this offseason and some of their moves have caused their AL East rivals to scramble. 

With their acquisition of power bat, Giancarlo Stanton, they have forced the Red Sox to make the next move. Dave Dombrowski has been outspoken about his search for a designated hitter. J.D. Martinez has been at the top of their list this offseason along with Eric Hosmer. 

The Orioles have been open to discussion about a potential deal for ​Manny Machado, and the Red Sox have shown ​interest

This would be a massive mistake by the Red Sox front office. 

Machado will become a free agent in 2019. At this point, the Red Sox will be able to go after Machado using only their money. They will not need to expend top prospects for the two-time gold glove winner and three-time all-star. 

If Dombrowksi focused his attention on Martinez, he may be able to talk him into a DH role based off of the quality of the Red Sox outfield. By signing him, the Red Sox would be able to wait another year for a good bat in Machado, and round out the left side of their infield in 2019. 

All of this, without taking a big hit to their farm system.