​Though it's hard to believe, Curt Schilling just became even more unlikeable. 

Schilling has come a long ways from his famed "bloody sock" game during Game 6 of the 2004 ALCS. From likening Muslims to Nazis on Twitter to ​announcing a Senate run, Schilling has become a beaker for controversy in today's political climate. 

That controversy continued Friday, as an interview where Schilling talked with Paul Nehlen — who has ties with white supremacy — was deleted.

​​Schilling's radio show, "Whatever It Takes", is hosted on the right-winged website Breitbart, which itself has a laundry list of controversies far too long to get into. 

The website deleted the podcast, where the former World Series MVP is heard agreeing with ​Nehlen's pro-white sentiment.

Though the news comes after the fact that Hall of Fame ballots have already been casted, it's hard to believe that Schilling's comments will help his case for Cooperstown in the coming years.