​Though the Baltimore Orioles appeared adamant on star third baseman Manny Machado ​staying put for the 2018 season, it appears the Boston Red Sox are still checking in to see if they won't change their mind.

The latest reports should get Red Sox fans excited. 

​​Machado had a down season by his standards (he only put together a 3.5 WAR year) but would quickly become the most coveted player on the market if made available. 

Though Machado has only one more season on his contract until he becomes a free agent, he and the Red Sox seem like a match made in Heaven. 

His one-year contract would give top third baseman prospect Rafael Devers more time in Triple-A, where he was promoted quickly due to last year's Pablo Sandoval disaster. 

Even though he held his own at third, having Machado at third putting up another 5 or 6 WAR season while Devers waits in the wings isn't half bad. 

Machado could also be moved to shortstop, where the Red Sox could try and move the talented Xander Bogaerts for a playmaker elsewhere. 

Everyone has their price. And if the Red Sox can give the Orioles what they want, the Yankees might have a challenger atop the AL East standings come next season.