​Florida fans have just about had it with the Jim McElwain era. The 4-7 record this year combined with the 3-5 conference record has everyone wondering what went wrong. 

It was evident that McElwain was not good for the program and had to go, but there have been new details coming out that have reinforced that notion. 

What's crazy is that a program like Florida was not able to adequately accommodate their players with a proper strength and conditioning program. Furthermore, how was a coach who was in the Nick Saban tree so out of touch with his players?

It's been reported that players from McElwain's team were getting trained by olympian Tim Montgomery. The concerning part is not the fact that players thought they needed to go elsewhere for strength and conditioning, but that Florida did nothing to fix it. 

You would think that if players thought they were not being trained properly then the head coach would remedy the situation as soon as possible. Very strange by the Jim McElwain and the Florida program, and certainly embarrassing for Gators fans.