I'm sure ​UCLA Bruins quarterback Josh Rosen has dreamed of being of NFL quarterback since he was a kid, but he might be willing to go back to school for one more year to avoid being drafted by the Cleveland Browns, who happen to have the No. 1 overall pick.

And while we've heard the reports that he ​prefers the Giants to the Brownies, his latest quote says everything.

"I'd rather be a lower pick at the right team than higher at the wrong team," Rosen said.

That's code for: I'd rather fall to the New York Giants with the No. 2 overall pick than get drafted No. 1 overall by the Cleveland Browns.

You gotta love Rosen's honesty, who just said what everyone is thinking. But you've also got to hate it because come on. You don't get to dictate that. And plus, someone's going to save the Browns at some point, right?

Both Rosen and USC quarterback Sam Darnold could return to school for their senior season, and it seems that decision has everything to do with the chance of being drafted by the black hole of a franchise known as the Cleveland Browns. Oof.