​This MLB offseason is moving at a snail's pace. 

Actually, the snail would be winning. 

It is almost the New Year and there is an abundance of franchise talent that are still wading in the packed free agent pool. 

One of those free agents is Eric Hosmer, the former Kansas City Royal who has been linked to many teams in the past few months without seeing anything come to fruition. The team that he has been linked to the most, however, is somewhat surprisingly the San Diego Padres. 

Hosmer has been the centerpiece of every Padres rumor this offseason, yet fans are left wondering why they won't pull the trigger on one of the biggest free agents of the Winter. But, because of a few obstacles, it turns out the Padres are split on signing him. 

​​Obviously all of San Diego would love to have a bat and locker room guy like Hosmer, but they would have to pay him north of $100 million, and since they don't look like they will be ready to truly compete until 2019, it may not be the time to spend that kinda dough. 

Buster Olney of ESPN reported that the Padres were sold on offering Hosmer a six-year, $120 million contract at the Winter Meetings. But something between now and then has scared the team off. Just because they’re "split," however, doesn’t mean they’re have moved on from him. 

Given the snail's pace of this offseason, there’s still a large chance they snatch him up. It may just take a tad longer.