​The Patriots are back in the refs pockets once again!

The NFL world has still not recovered from the Patriots' insane win over the Steelers last weekend, in which a potential game-winning TD by Jesse James was overturned because the ball moved maybe one millimeter after he fell to the ground. 

Well, guess what folks, we didn't know what a catch is then, and we certainly don't know now, as the Pats' opponent got points taken off the board AGAIN, this time by this lunacy of a call on a Kelvin Benjamin TD. 

We're at a loss for words. That is a catch with two feet in bounds. WHAT ELSE DO YOU HAVE TO DO! Not to mention the TERRIBLE defense by Gillmore that should have been pass interference. 

I think we all know what's going on here. 

​​It's literally the only way to define what's happening anymore.