​Will the rich get even richer?

Throughout this offseason, we've heard plenty of rumors surrounding Marlins outfielder Christian Yelich. The latest word is that he's not too happy with the front office and the moves they've made. 

Now, it's expected for him to be traded sooner than later. But, who will land him? According to a report, there's one team out in front. 

​​Yelich to Los Angeles? 

The Dodgers' 2017 season ended with a crushing World Series loss, but they're focused on taking the next step next season. Adding a player of Yelich's caliber would certainly help that. 

Last season, the slugger hit .282, with 18 homers and 81 RBI. At just 26 years old, the 6-4 stud is an attractive option for many ball clubs. 

Will he end up in LA? If you ask Craig Mish, it's sure looking that way.