​It doesn't look like Kyrie Irving is going to hear the end of his flat Earth comments anytime soon.

Legendary basketball player and broadcaster Bill Walton, who's gained a reputation for being quite the jokester on-air, decided to take a shot at the Boston Celtics superstar during the Arizona-UConn game on Thursday night.

He certainly didn't disappoint, either. Watch the hilarious clip here:

​​This is absolutely hysterical. Walton had a globe all set up and ready to go just for this gag, you can't help but respect that. 

You really can't blame Walton for going after Irving, either. The All-Star is pretty notorious at this point for saying some highly questionable things, but his Flat Earth theory definitely takes the cake. It's almost too easy to make fun of him for it, even almost a year later.

However, Walton didn't stop there, and turned the roast of Irving into a science lesson mid-broadcast:

It's almost easy to forget that there was a pretty big basketball game going on right in front of this. 

Bill Walton, you keep u all young.