We're in the middle of that time of year where the rumor mill is churning out possible transactions in the baseball world, and it's certainly working overtime. 

But, even though it's a year away, few rumors have been as juicy, and as well-documented, as the possibility of Bryce Harper teaming up with his friend Kris Bryant in Chicago next offseason. Everything's a clue.

It's time to add another chapter to that always-growing story.

Harper posted a video of him playing charades with Kris Bryant and his wife on his Instagram story on Thursday. Yes, it's the holiday season, and the Vegas boys are home!


You can't even have a simple game of charades these days without it meaning you're moving teams. It's insanity.

It would be easy to chalk this up as a friendly game night between two sluggers, but there is too much history between Bryant and Harper. We know Bryant has spoken to the former MVP about joining the Cubs and Harper has listened. It's hard not to consider the opportunity to join an already loaded lineup in order to bring more hardware to Chicago. With the Yankees likely out of the picture, a reunion with his old pal just makes too much sense.

But surely, he'll go through the charade of pretending to sign an extension in Washington first.