​Hold your horses, folks. It looks like we've got a good old fashioned fact-check-off going down on Twitter.

Moments ago, reports surfaced that star free agent Yu Darvish had been signed by the Chicago Cubs after being evaluated by team doctors.

But wait! Not so fast! With every news break, there's often a tweet to refute it. Normally, this happens between insiders like Jon Heyman, Jon Morosi, or Ken Rosenthal. But this time, the refutation is coming from the most reliable source possible.

That's right, Yu Darvish himself is calling this one out:

It looks as though Darvish has learned a thing or two about media relations from President Donald Trump.

For now, the Darvish-to-the-Cubs crowd has been silenced. There's no more trustworthy source than the player himself, so it's clear the reports were somewhere between plainly premature and downright false.

With the Cubs slated to lose Jake Arrieta to free agency, however, they will to sign a starting pitcher. And Darvish could still be their guy. Keep an eye on this one, folks.