Remember the days when every team in the NFL feared the Seattle Seahawks defense, more specifically, the Legion of Boom?

If you played fantasy football the previous few years, you would actually begrudgingly consider sitting a stud skill player when you saw Seattle on their upcoming schedule.

Earl Thomas, Richard Sherman, Kam Chancellor, Bobby Wagner—those were the guys who made even the greatest quarterbacks of all time shiver in their cleats (just ask Peyton Manning in Super Bowl XLVIII).

Boy how times have changed.

Two of those guys mentioned were placed on the IR this season, and the other two were non-existent during Week 15 when the L.A. Rams and Todd Gurley tore through their defense as if it were wet toilet paper. The Rams scored 42 points off of 352 total offensive yards. That included 244 on the ground thanks to Gurley's MVP-caliber performance.

Some Rams players even compared the Seattle defensive unit to that of the Cleveland Browns, which can be taken as nothing but an insult.

The result of the recent struggles? A small postgame beef between Wagner and Thomas, with the latter stating that the former should not have been out on the field with a bad hamstring. That didn't sit well with the four-time Pro Bowl linebacker.

Thomas followed up with another response shortly thereafter.

Fighting within this group is nothing new, and it's also not something worth pushing the panic button over. We have seen sideline spats between members of the L.O.B. throughout the year, yet, they always seem to overcome it. 

The talent is still high on this team although their identity has shifted to Russell Wilson's shoulders as far as this season is concerned.

But what cures all sense of tension within a locker room and what has always pushed this particular unit past those previous minor tirades is pretty simple: They were able to win games. 

The Seahawks are not doing that as of now, and with playoff hopes slowly slipping away with two weeks left on the season, the frustration amongst key members of the team will certainly carry over into the offseason. That is something unprecedented.


Make no mistake, the talent level and leadership on the defensive side of the ball is there. The health of their unit will be the biggest concern, with key members like Chancellor and Sherman taking a bit of a step back this season and guys like Thomas not getting any younger and possibly considering retirement.

The injuries are unfortunate and can't be controlled. Those who are die-hard, 12th-man members will tell you that and it's rightfully so. 

This recent spat between teammates is not anything to lose sleep over at this point, but the fact that head coach Pete Carroll and the rest of the team was not able to overcome the defensive misfortune shows that right now there is currently not a backup plan or blueprint for life after the L.O.B. 

That is something that no matter how good the offense is, needs to be addressed whether Seattle accepts it or not.