Now that the Pro Bowl rosters have been officially announced, fans can begin to sharpen their pitchforks as they march to NFL headquarters. 

You can make an argument about plenty of players each and every year and how they deserve the honor of representing their team amongst some of the best in the league, but that's a battle for another day. 

This one is about the lack of representation in the NFC North now that the Packers and Bears have both been shut out of the Pro Bowl, which is a pretty big deal considering the other teams with little-to-no talent that also won't be at the annual event.

There are surprises, and then there are these two teams being completely snubbed. 

Neither may have reached their expectations set at the beginning of the season, but it's foolish to assume the record of either of these teams means there aren't players who are deserving. We aren't talking about the Browns here.

It's easy to dismiss the Bears, but the play of both Jordan Howard and Akeem Hicks shouldn't be ignored. Howard still had a solid season, but simply didn't have enough to get past Todd Gurley, Alvin Kamara, and Mark Ingram, all who were ahead of him. As for Hicks, he had eight sacks, a staggering amount for an interior lineman. His case is pretty clear. 

The man whose case may be even more clear is Davante Adams. The Packers' offense had a down year without Rodgers, but the young wideout still remained as dominant as ever with the second most receiving touchdowns in the league. The fact that he did that without Rodgers makes it even more special. 

These teams may have had players named as alternates, but it's still not enough. Bears and Packers fans have every right to be furious.