​For one single week, everything in the football universe seemed to realign with the return of Aaron Rodgers. It was too bad that Cam Newton was in no mood to take a back seat to greatness and stole the show. 

The road to Super Bowl LII is going to feature 12 teams -- not including the Green Bay Packers for the first time since 2008. 

If the Packers went into Carolina and defeated the Panthers, would this same discussion even exist? Of course not.

But there's no longer a need for Rodgers this year.

The Packers may have jumped the gun on getting him back into the heat of the NFC Playoff race. Brett Hundley was gaining traction, and improving with every week he started for Green Bay. It might have been in the team's best interest to continue to play without Rodgers, with the anticipation he'd come back if the team made the postseason. That's the motivation they needed to win out. 

That's a QB nobody wants to face in the first round of the playoffs. Three weeks of extra rest and preparation, No. 12 would have won before taking the field. 

​​Just thinking about the story that could have been, Rodgers wins a Super Bowl in one of the craziest comebacks ever. Well, it's a longshot, but it's still fun to think about.