​Mark your calendars everybody; there are 52 more days until the NBA Trade Deadline.

Trade talk generally heats up the closer you get to the new year, and it's looking like some big deals will be the focus over the next couple of months.

The Cavaliers have been interested in Clippers big man DeAndre Jordan for some time now, and it's finally looking like a coherent offer is manifesting. 

The Cavaliers will most likely try to center a deal for Jordan around Iman Shumpert, Tristan Thompson, and the Cavs' first-round pick, not the Nets'. According to Kyler, the Cavs are saying the team would only want to part ways with their own pick in the draft, as previous reports have suggested the ​Nets' pick is a Plan B in case LeBron leaves in free agency.

Jordan would obviously be a big boost to the Cavs, as the center is averaging 11 points, 14.1 rebounds and shooting 65 percent from the field this season.

The man puts the ball in the net and is a beast on the boards.

Thompson and Shumpert have both been struggling with their game and injuries this season, and it seems as if the Cavaliers were able to swing this trade for Jordan, they would be the clear winners. Then again, the Clippers need to put capable players on their roster, and Thompson and Shumpert are solid veterans. Additionally, they'd gain a first-round pick they otherwise wouldn't have.

Only time will tell though whether or not Jordan takes his talents to Cleveland.