​Sometimes desperate times call for desperate actions. 

And when you're the Orioles and in dire need of talented young pitching, you start considering trading one of the best third basemen in baseball to the New York Yankees. 

Orioles' majority owner Peter Angelos was reportedly unwilling to part with his All-Star third baseman if it meant the acquiring team would flip him automatically to New York.

With the Yankees' stacked farm system and Machado on their wish list, being the middleman between the the Orioles and the Yankees could reap the rewards of several of baseball's most coveted prospects. 

Earlier this week, there was speculation surrounding whether the White Sox could pull off a dark horse trade and then flip Machado to the Yanks. Chicago's front office, however, insists that an immediate flip that Angelos fears would be unethical. 

There's no hiding the fact that the Orioles need starting pitching. With a team ERA last season of 4.97, the Orioles could definitely get help from from the Yankees and their pitching prospects, such as Chance Adams and Justus Sheffield.

Even if they hold out a trade, nothing is stopping Machado from signing with the Yankees when he becomes a free agent in 2019, with the Orioles getting nothing in return. 

While trading away a superstar to a division rival definitely stings, in the case of the Orioles, it might be best to at least get something out of it and speed up the inevitable.