The LeBron-MJ debate always has a bit of bias, and some may say stubbornness.

There’s no doubt that Michael Jordan has meant the most to the NBA in league history and is an all-time great. However, the comparison with LeBron is not as farfetched as people think. Many “haters” don’t want to give LeBron the recognition and some are too early deeming LeBron the greatest.

Jordan’s former teammate and current Warriors head coach Steve Kerr slighted LeBron with his latest comment, comparing another NBA great to MJ.

Perhaps it’s Kerr throwing shade at LeBron for beating him in 2016. Or maybe Kerr has a point. 

LeBron is a freight train and plays a different game than Jordan. I like comparing LeBron to Magic and Jordan to Kobe. Kobe and MJ played almost identical games.

Although LeBron is close to surpassing Michael Jordan as an all-time great (let’s not forget Kareem) it’s fair to say Kobe is the closest thing to Jordan. The clutch gene. The intense demeanor. The attitude to say “get out of my way and let me do my thing” is one that both Kobe and MJ possess.

LeBron makes the right play. He cares about the team more than anything else. So sure Kerr may have left LeBron’s name out of the conversation for personal reasons, yet his statement holds weight. Kobe and MJ’s style of play was like looking in a mirror. 

Still, in terms of greatness when all is said and done, the basketball world will forever be zoned in on the LBJ-MJ debate.