​Where the hell does Eric Hosmer go now?

Guess the Red Sox weren't kidding when they claimed they were singularly focused on one free agent and one free agent only (love you, JD Martinez), because apparently, the Sox are showing their faith in the man they had in their control last year.

Boston must still believe in their stopgap option, because here's Mitchy Two-Year once again for an encore.

​​Honestly, did not see this coming.

Not that Moreland's a bad player, but on a multi-year deal, you figured Boston would go bigger if they were going to lock anyone up. They must be big believers in Moreland, who struggled down the stretch with his power numbers after aggravating a toe injury on a foul tip.

All in all, Moreland hit .246 with 22 homers and 79 RBI, and fit in great in the clubhouse. But he's not Hosmer. He's never propelled his team to a World Series on the strength of his potent clutch bat and extreme fight.

So forgive us if we're scratching our heads here. We expect something huge from DD after all this silence, because this ain't it.