It's been an up and down year for the rookie second-round pick out of Notre Dame, but Cleveland Browns head coach Hue Jackson knew the raw product he was getting when he went out and selected DeShone Kizer at the 52nd overall spot.

Unfortunately, with many years of rebuilding ahead and 12 starts without a win, there's going to be finger pointing in every direction possible in Cleveland. The "all-knowing" Sashi Brown has already been fired as a result. Shockingly, the team has pledged their temporary loyalty to Jackson for 2018, so the next man up to shoulder blame for another abysmal season is Kizer. 

The coach had some choice words for his rookie after the team's 27-10 loss to the Ravens on Sunday.

No, Hue. If you want your promising prospect to have any sort of faith in his abilities, it's not a fair question to ask if he has fundamental talent.

What does that say about the team's future? Perhaps it gives us insight that Kizer was never Jackson's guy since Day 1 when he was selected? The disconnect between the coach and former GM is well documented, and now that Brown is out and John Dorsey is in, the future duo may have already agreed that they will be using their first-round pick for 2018's draft on another quarterback prospect. 

It's very early to speculate, and the entire coaching staff will have to do some serious evaluations during the offseason leading right up to the start of next season, but Kizer, although he's struggled at times, has shown flashes of potential this season. 

The team has many holes and the 21-year-old is far from the problem. Despite that fact, the tolerance for him is unfortunately already low as far as Jackson is concerned, and the lack of confidence doesn't provide any solid ground for him to grow. That alone is concerning, and is compounded by the entire rest of Cleveland's football universe.