​Last week, Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie provided a positive update on Carson Wentz, letting fans know his surgery went well. 

However, some new details have emerged about Wentz's knee, and it's sure to cause some concern for Eagles fans. 

According to a report, in addition to his torn ACL, the superstar quarterback also suffered a partially torn IT (iliotibial band) and needed some cleanup for meniscus damage. 

Originally, we all thought it was just a torn ACL for Wentz, but the fact he also suffered a torn IT band is troubling.  

It's been previously stated Wentz will need 9-12 months to recover from his injury. This, of course, means his status to begin the 2018 season is in doubt. 

Fortunately for the Eagles, Nick Foles looked more than sharp in his first start of the year against the Giants. Obviously, though, the Eagles want Wentz back ASAP. We hope his rehab goes smoothly so he can get behind center sooner than later.