​Well, so much for that investigation.

Carolina Panthers owner Jerry Richardson has been in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons. The organization conducted an internal investigation into the claims of unethical and controversial workplace behavior on behalf of Richardson, and it's now been handed over to the NFL. 

However, it doesn't look like the league will have to do much.

Richardson announced on Sunday night that the Panthers will be put up for sale in the midst of this disaster, and it appears as if the internal investigation may have yielded some evidence that the 81-year-old knew he couldn't avoid.

With the mounting reports and rumors, it certainly doesn't bode well for Richardson.

In this day and age, such serious accusations and allegations will not be swept under the rug. The fact that it's gotten this far is actually surprising in itself, but now that Richardson is selling the team, the Panthers organization can hopefully move on and foster a much healthier workplace environment.

It'll surely be exciting to see who submits bids to purchase the team.