​Forgive the metaphor, but this is just out of bounds.

The Nebraska Cornhuskers aren't know for their basketball. They really aren't. But ahead of Saturday's showdown with the juggernaut Kansas Jayhawks, the Husker media team decided to go in for the kill.

​Check out how they introduced the KU players in the official game program:

​​Wow. That is just...

That's vicious.

The Michael Vick reference is especially cold. Come on, this kid didn't name himself! Why does he deserve to be put on blast so egregiously?

It must be said, however, that any opportunity to rip the Jayhawks' listless, flailing football program is totally acceptable.

All told, this is totally in poor taste and not a fair way to treat amateur athletes who -- as far as we know -- haven't really done anything wrong. If this is the only way for the Husker faithful to deal with what was always expected to be a famous beatdown, however, so be it.