An investigation began earlier this month when Oklahoma University starting running back Rodney Anderson was accused of sexually assaulting a 23-year old woman back in November. Courtney Thorton, the accuser, claimed that she and Anderson met at a bar, the two went back to her apartment when she was raped while incapacitated.

Since the investigation started on December 4th, prosecutors announced that Anderson will not face charges because of because of conflicting statements that Thorton made to her friends and to police. 

The story gets even a little weirder.

According to reports, Thorton had told her friends "this would be a 'great thing' for her political career following the Air Force" and that "female-empowered political organizations would love something like this."


Sexual assault cases are never something to take lightly but this sure is a troubling motive on Thorton's part if the statements are true. Anderson has been adamant from the start that he did not commit any acts of sexual assault and it seems prosecutors have his side in this case.

Anderson also underwent a polygraph test last week and passed, denying all of the allegations made against him. 

The University could still choose to undergo a Title IX investigation on the case. While she won't face any charges, her alleged false accusations were ones that could have seemingly ruined Anderson's career. 

For the time being, Anderson will focus ahead on the Sooners' playoff game against Georgia on New Year's Day.